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Delivery of improved profits and investment opportunities to the Refining and Petrochemical Industry through innovative ideas and helping refineries implement ALL of their ideas.

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Refining Optimization and Petro Logistical Services, LLC is a centralized team with over 160+ years in critical refinery disciplines. We also draw on a contract staff of over 35 individuals with similar experience levels and complementary disciplines required for the refining and petro chemical industry.

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• Large Corporate Experience
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Our Main Services

Through all of our combined experience we have a wide capability to provide a multitude of services in both the refining optimization and petro-logistical fields. You can view our core capabilities to the right and see all of the services we offer below.

Crude and product selection, product distribution strategies, feedstock/stream disposition optimization, capital project planning, yield and energy optimization.
Diagnose intractable operating problems, recommend short and longer term solutions, process and equipment design.

New technology, evaluations and recommendations.

Linear program construction for refinery optimization, modifications for capital project planning, output reviews, training and monthly volume planning.
Hydrocarbon supply chain reviews, alternative feed stock recommendations, logistical recommendations, optimizations, crude cost optimization
General contracting for small to medium sized projects, cold eyes reviews covering process and capital deployment, capital cost reduction studies.
Project HAZOP support, conduct HAZOP reviews, field HAZOP support and inspections, project HAZOP stewardship through startup
Rotating equipment selection, failure analytics, root cause analysis
Power generation systems and integration, tank farm design and layout, tank utilization
Formal and field training by experts in key disciplines… (e.g. process disciplines, process catalysis, safety, maintenance)

On call access to expert guidance for problem resolution.

We also offer Capital Project Implementation Services where we can help you:

Provide our skills and knowledge to improve project economics
Advise through client key personnel during all stages of the project
Participate in review meetings
Facilitate training and startup

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Capital project cost reduction

We can also help lower capital investment by providing industry experience through cold eye reviews. Contact us to find out more.

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